Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tips For Healthy Feet

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Sore and achy feet, dry and cracked skin, calluses, odor due to excessive sweating, blisters – all signals that feet are sending out to let you know they’ve simply had enough! So, what to do?! Follow these simple tips we reveal here, all kinds of tips for all kinds of problems regarding our lovely feet.

1. Washing feet daily in lukewarm soapy water and drying them thoroughly, especially in between the toes is part of a healthy foot care routine that can be followed by application of moisturizing cream all over the feet, except in between the toes.

2. Trim toenails straight across the toe to help diminish your risk for ingrown toenails. Even if long nails look nice when perfectly polished, short nails are far less of a risk.
3. To keep corns and hard skin under control use a foot file, emery board or pumice stone. Don’t cut corns for yourself, or apply ‘over the counter’ lotions or acids unless prescribed by your Podiatrist or Healthcare Practitioner. If you have previously been advised that you can use ‘over the counter’ lotions check each year that this is still okay.

4. Wear quality socks as well since they can be just as important as shoes when it comes to healthy feet and comfort. Make sure socks fit and are snug not bunching or slipping. Socks made of synthetic fiber blend are a good choice for every day wear and keep feet dry as well as comfy.
5. It is important to buy good-fitting shoes that do not pinch or hurt the feet (Sure!). Foot pain needs to be monitored and must not be ignored as it could mean more serious injury to the feet, if it goes untreated.
6. If you suspect you have injured your foot or contracted an infection, seek attention from a medical specialist. If a treatment plan is prescribed, follow the doctor’s orders and finish the medication or exercise therapy. Uncompleted medication regimens and physical therapy courses can stifle recovery.
7. Itchy feet may signal fungal infection of the skin and doctor’s advice is beneficial for quick relief.

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  1. Thanks for sharing those tips. Your post is really interesting and gives insight to the readers on how to take good care of our feet.