Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flat Iron Hair Straightening Tips

Few aspects of your personal appearance are quite as important as your hair. Case in point: The unique and unutterable agony of a bad hair day. For many women, the best way to battle a bad hair day and ensure a sleek, beautiful style is to invest in a high quality styling tool that will tame curls, vanquish frizzes, and generally leave you looking like a million bucks. With so many different kinds of flat irons available, how can you decide which one to pick? Some people swear by their GHD flat irons, while others are die-hard CHI advocates, and still others feel naked without their BaByliss. It can definitely be confusing, but if you find a flat iron you like that has the following qualities, you are made:

Adjustable Settings.
A flat iron with adjustable heat settings is a must-have. One size does not fit all when it comes to heat, and while you want the plates to be hot, you should also be able to lower the heat a little when necessary. The best strategy is to use the lowest possible setting that will still effectively straighten your hair. All of the best flat irons have this feature, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.
Ceramic (or Tourmaline) Plates
A flat iron with metal plates may be super affordable, but it can also seriously damage your hair. In fact, metal plates can literally fry your locks, leading to breakage. Even if the damage isn’t that drastic, you’ll still be left with dry, frizzy, damaged hair – basically, the exact opposite of what you wanted when you bough a flat iron in the first place!
Choosing an iron with ceramic or tourmaline-infused plates will give you a soft, shiny finish. But make sure the plates are 100% ceramic, not just metal coated with a ceramic finish. (Again, if the flat iron is made by a reputable manufacturer, this shouldn’t be a problem.)
Heats Up Fast.
When you’re getting ready in the morning or primping for a big night out on the town, you don’t want to waste valuable minutes waiting for your flat iron to reach the correct temperature. A quality iron will reach optimal temperature in less than a minute, and will be able to sustain that temperature while you iron your hair, which makes everything fast and easy.

Long-Term Durability
Finally, you want a flat iron that will last for years to come, especially if you spend several hundred dollars on it. Luckily, with most straighteners, you get what you pay for, so if you invest a little extra you can safely expect a high-performance flat iron. You should also find out whether your flat iron comes with a warranty; many do, and if your flat iron happens to break, you may be able to get it repaired or replaced at no additional cost.
As with any significant beauty purchase, a little research goes a long way toward ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy decidedly fabulous hair days.

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