Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do Eye Colors Tell People Who You Are?

Did you know that no two people have the exact same eye color? Did you know that every person who has blue eyes comes from the same ancestor? Everyone with blue eyes has a very specific DNA difference.

Green eyes say that you are sexy, mysterious, and feisty.
Green eyes are very rare and instantly hypnotize anyone who gazes into them. Green eyes are classified as a feline feature. Felines are sleek, sexy, and spirited. Green eyes are classed the sexiest of all eye colors. Every eye color typically has just a hint of green mixed in with their main eye color, but having green eyes is extra special.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nail Art For Weddings

The latest styles and colors for wedding nail art are pinks, frenches, and flowers. We hear that it is getting more and more popular for the bride on her big day, to ask the photographer to take a few distinct pictures, with her groom to show off her nail art design.

Acrylic flowers can be a great wedding nail art idea if you are looking for a relatively unpretentious nail design which would still give your nails rather glamorous look. You can opt for a pink and white combination as it makes your nails be striking but not garish.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hair Coloring Ideas

Here's a little secret I love sharing with people: Even top beauty editors sometimes skip the salon for a little do-it-yourself hair color. Whether you are a future do-it-yourselfer or stick to the salon, here are the hair color tips you should know about:
You've heard the old adage that gentlemen prefer blondes. "Blondes are sexy, brunettes are sophisticated, and redheads are born attention-getters." I tend to disagree. I think blonde hair can be sexy, sophisticated AND attention-getting A sleek bob that follows the sharp line of the jaw on a woman can be incredibly sophisticated no matter the color, just as a platinum pixie can grab the attention of both men and women. What I do know for sure about blonde hair, is it is expensive to upkeep.
Blonde Hair

The rule of thumb to follow when it comes to blonde hair is this one: If you had blonde hair as a kid, you'll likely look good with blonde hair as an adult. You'll also look good blonde if you have pink skin that burns easily, and blue or green eyes. If your skin has yellow undertones, you may look jaundiced or washed out with hair that's too light. Contrast between your face and hair is important when going blonde. If you have fair skin, the biggest hair color mistake you can make is to go too light. I'm pale and have had my hair too lightened so that my face and my hair looked like one big wash of the same color. The best hair color allows for contrast and shows off the face.

Flat Iron Hair Straightening Tips

Few aspects of your personal appearance are quite as important as your hair. Case in point: The unique and unutterable agony of a bad hair day. For many women, the best way to battle a bad hair day and ensure a sleek, beautiful style is to invest in a high quality styling tool that will tame curls, vanquish frizzes, and generally leave you looking like a million bucks. With so many different kinds of flat irons available, how can you decide which one to pick? Some people swear by their GHD flat irons, while others are die-hard CHI advocates, and still others feel naked without their BaByliss. It can definitely be confusing, but if you find a flat iron you like that has the following qualities, you are made:

Tips For Healthy Feet

The New Look

Sore and achy feet, dry and cracked skin, calluses, odor due to excessive sweating, blisters – all signals that feet are sending out to let you know they’ve simply had enough! So, what to do?! Follow these simple tips we reveal here, all kinds of tips for all kinds of problems regarding our lovely feet.

1. Washing feet daily in lukewarm soapy water and drying them thoroughly, especially in between the toes is part of a healthy foot care routine that can be followed by application of moisturizing cream all over the feet, except in between the toes.

2. Trim toenails straight across the toe to help diminish your risk for ingrown toenails. Even if long nails look nice when perfectly polished, short nails are far less of a risk.
3. To keep corns and hard skin under control use a foot file, emery board or pumice stone. Don’t cut corns for yourself, or apply ‘over the counter’ lotions or acids unless prescribed by your Podiatrist or Healthcare Practitioner. If you have previously been advised that you can use ‘over the counter’ lotions check each year that this is still okay.

Alternative Tricks for Beautiful Hair and Nails

When you're in a jam and desperate for hair or nail help, the perfect fix can come from some highly unexpected places. We have talked to many readers and have the following tips:

Strengthening Your Nails

Dump a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic in your base coat. It strengthens nails really well (some people claim it also helps them grow faster) for a fraction of the price of drugstore nail hardeners.

Choosing A Swimsuits that Flatter You

Beautiful You

To look your best at the beach or pool, play around with styles and patterns that will maximize your assets! You can avoid the swimwear that's not going to do a thing for you -- and focus on the swimsuits that best fit your shape. Look for beachwear that is comfortable and won't fall off while you're swimming. After it also needs to serve a purpose.

Tips to Look Slimmer

Dress monochromatic and choose dark colors such as black and navy blue. Spandex adds extra stretch needed for slack and will make you appear thinner. Select from mix & match coordinated tops and bottoms to ensure you buy the proper size.

Generally, swimwear runs small, so you'll probably need to buy a size or two larger. What's important is that you find a suit that conveys your style, confidence and personality.

Homemade Sunburn Relief Recipes

Beach weather is well and truly here and even if you are using suntan lotions with SPF you can still suffer the after effects of the sun. Here are a few sun burn remedy’s to take the burn away:

Sun Burn Lotion

8 ounces non-medicated lotion5 drops clove oil
5 drops peppermint oil
2-4 teaspoons powdered Comfrey Root
2-4 tablespoons Aloe Vera gel

Mix together thoroughly in a bowl. Chill, if desired.

HINT: Amounts of Comfrey Root or Aloe Vera gel may be increased, but do not increase the amounts of clove or peppermint oils, as they may cause skin irritation.

How to Get Rid of Pimples and Blemishes

Pimples, blemishes, and acne are the most universal skin care complaints and can be a huge source of embarrassment. Contrary to common belief, this problem is not exclusive to teens and adolescents. Adults often experience acne problems after years of clear skin. Treatment of pimples is somewhat tricky. While there's no quick, homemade cure for those blemishes, putting a stop to major breakouts will greatly reduce your discomfort and chance of scarring.


Keep your face clean and don't overscrub it. This will only irritate your skin and make you more prone to breakouts. Wash your face gently twice a day with antibacterial or mild soap, perhaps three times a day for acne prone skin. Do not use harsh soaps and fragrances as they may aggravate pimples.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles & Puffy Under-Eye Bags

Make no mistake, this problem is not exclusive only to people getting on in their years, but young adults and teens can also have a run-in with this annoying problem.

There are many factors that contribute to those unsightly dark circles and puffy bags underneath your eyes. The most common ones are lack of sleep, allergies, aging, stress, poor diet and genetics. Unless you have surgery, there's no sure way to cure or get rid of circles or bags. By taking some easy steps at home to minimize them, you'll improve the appearance of your eyes and your overall health.

How to Fade Freckles

If you have freckles, you probably either love them or hate them, but before you hate them consider the idea that they can be fun, and many guys are attracted to them. Some girls envy those with freckles! If you're not one to accept nature's cute little spots, you can reduce their appearance, or hide them with makeup. However, there are no easy ways to completely get rid of them.

Consult your dermatologist if you're willing to spend a considerable amount of time and money. There are several different techniques to fade freckles, such as freezing, acid, sanding and laser treatments. This can take several sessions and you're going to experience skin irritation, so it will probably get worse before it gets better.

Dandruff Causes - How To Treat It

You've probably already discovered how much of a nuisance it is in your everyday life to having dandrufff. Not only does it undermine your self-esteem, but it limits your wardrobe to light-colored clothing to camouflage the flakes.

So what is dandruff and how can you get rid of the itchy scalp and flaking that occurs?

Skincare for Different Skin Types

Normal Skin

Normal Skin usually looks and feels smooth, but can also react to changes in the environment: oilier in the summer and drier in the winter.

1. Choose foundations and powders for normal skin, or go for a water-based fresh feel.

2. Apply a layer of moisturizer underneath for dry, winter conditions or whenever you enter a parched environment.

3. Keep a pressed powder on hand for oilier moments or more humid days.